GMPC applies the world first complex multi-chain structure and initiates the GMPC BFT consensus mechanism. We aim at realizing the interconnections between public chains, consortium blockchains and interchains and becoming the world Top 1 flow engine within blockchain.

Core Ideology


Supporting data exchange, flow transmission and asset transfer between public chains, consortium blockchains and interchains simultaneously

Four application contexts and settled Ecosystem: GMPC has successfully connected to the first multi-chain ecosystem, becoming the Genesis of Dochain. Many blockchain games like WSOP(World Series of Poker) and Honor of Kings have been available on GMPC, directly bringing tens of thousands of daily active users of GMPC’s gaming application.

Technical Framework

MixLink Protocol: GMPC interconnected the two biggest interchain platforms (Comsos and Polkadot) through its initial multi-chains and information highway based on MixLink protocol, and transmits flow, asset, and tokens to the established chains.

GMPC offers API and SDK layers, providing sets of trading tools for applications including App/DApp, BaaS, and established chains. BaaS is a blockchain management platform at company level among these applications. It enables users to manage and develop the App/DApp ecosystem, Domain, and smart contracts with convenience.

Relay nodes are the most crucial part of the GMPC multi-chain structure, providing the whole system with consensus and guarantees of security. They allow asset transfer and protocol triggering between different established chains.

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